Monday, December 29, 2008

A blog to countdown til I get the 5800

First of all, I am from Malaysia and I can say that I am super crazy about the new Nokia 5800. I cant wait to get myself one.

I dont know who I can tell this to... thats why I made a blog to express how I feel.

I will update this thing here everytime I think of the 5800.

It will only launch here in my Malaysia on 9th January 2009. Yes it might be a short time for some people but for me... its like a whole lifetime.

I want to own the Nokia 5800 now!!!!!!!!!!! omg im going crazy.

I see there are already a lot of people buying the underwater Nokia 5800 set at prices like RM1600, 1490, 1550 and I think its a good price.... so good that I might buy one for myself and not wait for the local warranty one to be launched on 9th...  

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